SteamPro Carpet Cleaning has been in business since 2004 and have earned a reputation over the years of offering a top of the line service at a reasonable price.

Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet cleaning method is called Hot Water Extraction. This is typically called “steam carpet cleaning”, and it is the most effective method for removing deep down dirt, allergens, and pet dander. The benefit of hot water extraction over other methods is that the carpet fibers get a thorough flush, leaving the carpet fibers free of any chemical residue that can result from other “dry chemical methods”. Our truck-mounted machine provides enough vacuum to leave your carpet dry within a couple of hours.

Upholstery Cleaning

Our upholstery cleaning service is the same as our carpet cleaning method, but with different tools. We apply a cleaning solution to break up dirt and body oils, then using a tool specifically for upholstery, the fabric is flushed using purified soft water. The average drying time is about an hour.

At SteamPro, customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. All of our work is 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Call today for a Free Estimate (573) 690-1205


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